About Egger’s Landscaping LLC.

Egger’s Landscaping is owned and operated by Bobby Eggers. All workers and employees are licensed and bonded in the state of Nebraska.

Bobby has always enjoyed landscaping from a young age. His first major project was for himself and the project was building a pond in his backyard. The pond was supposed to be a small pond, but it ended up being 27ft by 20ft and about 2ft deep in some areas. At the end of the project Bobby looked at the before pictures he had of the yard and compared it to the final project and was amazed at the difference the pond made to the yard. He also realized how fulfilling it is to bring beautiful accents into a dull yard and to make it a center piece for his family to enjoy.

Shortly after he went to Kearney and began taking classes on landscaping to become a professional. From then on he began doing landscaping for friends, neighbors, family, and now as a business.


Bobby has lived in Sutton, NE for 17 years and would not be running his business if it wasn’t for his down-to-earth family who keeps him grounded and organized. His daughters come on jobs every now and then and his wife works the background scenes with preparing materials for tradeshows.

Every project Bobby always puts himself into 100% and treats the clients property with care and decency. His crew and im never leaves tools, equipment, or any items laying around after they are done working for the day. Every project is professionally done according to Bobby’s high standards and you as a client will not be dissapointed with your landscaping projects.